Terms and Conditions

All rights of admission are reserved.

Foxys Angels is of the utmost professional standards and no sexual advances will be tolerated.

Payment will be done on arrival to dancer in cash.

Dancers will not be allowed to hand out cards or give out their numbers as the agency holds the exclusive rights to these dancers.

By booking our dancers you are agreeing to ONLY book our dancers through Foxys Angels.

Please make sure that you have a CD player and/or USB sound system.

Space is of importance, so we always encourage the client to have 3 X 4 metres for the performer to dance.

Lights should be set to a romantic mood.

Upon cancellation, client will be liable for a 50% cancellation fee if show has already been booked.

Client is fully responsible for the safety of the dancers.

The taking of videography or photographs is strictly prohibited.

Dancers are booked back to back sometimes so please take that in consideration as if the dancer runs late will affect the punctuality for the next client. We always do our best to get the dancer to you on time however this depends on the previous bookings. Please make sure that when the dancer arrives he/she can peform right away and that there are no delays. Make sure when you do the booking that your time is a little flexible because of this

In the event of anything going wrong or client not happy about something client is to contact us ( the agency ) right away so we can take action. If client does not call us on the day/night and complains on monday, it will be too late to take action and then we are afraid that we can not do anything about it.

The client agrees to treat this booking as confidential and the use of the performer is totally Foxys Angels  property and any documentation, materials, choreography, stage show performance, codes, techniques, models, information, diagrams, trade secrets, data, outfits and marketing information is owned by Foxys Angels.

Foxys Angels holds the right to replace the dancer if need be

In the unlikely event of emergency Foxys Angels reserves the right to replace the requested dancer with another dancer in the same category.

Verbal abuse will not be tolerated towards our dancers or management of this company